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Our mixed tray contains strips of lashes from 8mm through 13mm.

C-Curl lashes create a strong curl, so they are popular for clients wanting a glamorous look. This type of lash provides an extra lift for straight lashes and therefore can help create a flattering “fan” effect.

Vixen Lashes are available in a variety of curls, thicknesses, and lengths to design a very natural appearance. Each tray contains 16 strips of beautiful, lightweight and natural “mink lashes.” The strips can be easily removed and attached to your lash plate or hand for quick and clean application.

Vixen Lashes premium quality eyelash extensions are manufactured to exacting specifications with a soft texture, high definition finish and consistency of shape, thickness and length.

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Dimensions 5.0 × 2.75 × 0.74 in

0.10 Mixed 8-13mm, 0.12 Mixed 8-13mm, 0.15 Mixed 8-13mm, 0.18 Mixed 8-13mm, 0.20 Mixed 8-13mm